The Mid Nordic Region


Please notice that some reports may only be available in the Nordic languages. Do not hesitate to contact the Office if you want to take part of these reports.

ProMidNord-Project (2004-2007)

10.10.2007: ProMidNord Final Newsletter (*pdf, eng)

30.1.2007: ProMidNord Nyhetsbrev nr 6/2007 (*swepdf)

15.10.2006: ProMidNord Newsletter nr 5/2006 (eng, pdf*)

26.4.2006: ProMidNord Newsletter nr 4/2006 (swe, pdf*)

9.6.2005:MNC - Newsletter June 2005 (swe, pdf*)

20.12. 2004:MNC - Newsletter December 2004(swe, pdf*)

24.6.2004:MNC - Newsletter June 2004(swe, pdf*)

4.2.2004:MNC -Chairmanship to Central Finland (swe, doc)

29.11.2005: ProMidNord Newsletter nr 3 (swe, pdf*)

20.6.2005:ProMidNord Newsletter nr 2(swe, pdf*)

9.3.2005:ProMidNord Newsletter nr 1(swe, pdf*)